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12 Reasons Casual Sex is Actually Good for You

couple from the knees down hugging with clothes on floor

Casual sex, no strings attached, hit it and quit it whatever you want to call it sex without a relationship often gets a bad wrap. While there has been an age-old stigma attached to hooking up scientific studies have often proven that casual sex is not only okay it can actually be really good for…

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10 Tips For Safe Online Hookups

Man Whispering In Womans Ear On A Date

Once you find a hookup buddy on it’s important to know to stay safe before meeting up with someone. Online dating is a great way to meet people looking for all different styles of relationships. Whether you’re looking for something casual or serious you can typically find whatever you are looking for. Once you’ve…

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A Woman’s Guide To Hooking Up On Lust

Couple On A Date Drinking Wine

Women are constantly expected to be some sort of way. If a woman is too conservative she is dubbed a frigid bitch. If a woman is sexually open she is considered a slut. Walking the various lines in life that society has laid out for women is a constant battle. Lust is setting out to…

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