10 Tips For Safe Online Hookups

Once you find a hookup buddy on joinlust.com it’s important to know to stay safe before meeting up with someone. Online dating is a great way to meet people looking for all different styles of relationships. Whether you’re looking for something casual or serious you can typically find whatever you are looking for. Once you’ve met someone that you’re interested in online, it’s natural to want to meet up with them in real life. You’re probably wondering how to go about this in the best way to ensure your safety. We’ve made a list of 10 tips that you can follow to increase your level of safety when hooking up with an online love interest. 


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1. Tell a friend your plan

A super easy step you can take to better ensure your safety when meeting an online hookup is to let a trusted friend know what your plan is for the date. Tell your friend the details of your date in terms of locations and times so that someone is aware of your whereabouts. Have them check in on you during the date by texting you to see if everything is going well. If the date is going badly, you can even have them call you and fake an emergency, so you have a convenient excuse to leave!


2. Share your location

Take the above tip a step further by sharing your location with a friend or family member. This a great way to feel safe when meeting a love interest for the first time. Use the Find My Friends app on both iPhone and android to share your location through your phone. This app allows family members and friends to check up on you and is a great added form of safety to have in an unfamiliar situation. 


3. Meet in a public place

If you’re meeting up with an online match for the first time, it’s always a smart idea to meet in a public place that’s well lit. Meeting in a public place gives you the ability to easily leave the situation if need be. If you meet someone in a private place for the first time, it’s easier for someone with bad intentions to keep you in an area without your consent. It’s best to just meet up in a public place until you trust the person. 


4. Go on a coffee date before a bar date

Although it’s tempting to go for cocktails the first time you’re meeting an online date, it’s safer to stick with a coffee or tea date for the first in-person meeting. Cafes and coffee shops are well lit and imply an earlier time in the day. In contrast, bars are typically dimly lit and may have loud music playing. This atmosphere is not ideal if you’re trying to leave a dangerous situation. In addition, grabbing tea or coffee will give you a little boost of energy as well as something to focus on, while alcohol will dim your instincts when you need them most. 


5. Google their name

Don’t be afraid to google their name to find out more information about them, and verify the details they’ve given you. You can also use reverse image search to look up their picture. If more than one person is using the same pictures on the same social media platform, it’s a huge red flag and you may be getting catfished. Do your research on your date by using the internet as your tool to give yourself that extra security. 


6. Don’t get in their car

If you’re meeting someone in person for the first time, it’s important to reduce instances where you’re not in full control of your whereabouts. Just like it’s best to avoid private areas for meeting up, it’s also smart to avoid getting in their car. Whether you’re driving your own car or taking an Uber, both of you should plan to meet up at the chosen spot in separate transportation and leaving in separate transportation. 


7. Don’t give them too much personal information

In order to really protect yourself, you shouldn’t give away too much of your own personal information. Information like the location of your workplace, home, gym, etc. should be kept to yourself for a while. That way, if your date intends to harass you, they won’t have access to this sensitive information. It’s not a bad idea to google your own name to find out what information is available to the public. You may find that you need to tighten up your online privacy. 


8. Don’t give out your number right away.

Most online dating platforms have a messaging platform. This is super convenient and it allows you to retain an important aspect of your personal information. Giving someone access to your personal number allows for a direct line to your personal life. Save swapping digits for when you know you can trust someone. 


9. Keep an eye on your drink

The rules for drinking when on the first date with a stranger is to keep an eye on your drink, never leave your drink unattended, and don’t let someone bring you a drink that you didn’t see poured. It’s a sad reality that people try to drug other unsuspecting people, but it does happen. Make sure you’re vigilant about protecting your safety by keeping that drink covered. 


10. Listen to your instincts

It sounds obvious, but people often ignore the red flags that pop up during an initial meeting, in hopes that things are not as bad as they seem. Listening to your instincts is one of the best things you can do to increase your safety in these situations. If something seems off, or you don’t feel comfortable with something that the other person is doing or saying, never be afraid to listen to that feeling and remove yourself if needed. 

Meeting someone in real life after talking to them online is fun and exciting. To keep the experience lighthearted, it’s always good to make choices that increase your levels of safety when you meet each other. Take these simple measures to stay safe so that you can really enjoy your time and focus on having a great date. Stay diligent, listen to your instincts and always make sure a friend knows where you are. Happy dating!

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