12 Reasons Casual Sex is Actually Good for You

Casual sex, no strings attached, hit it and quit it whatever you want to call it sex without a relationship often gets a bad wrap. While there has been an age-old stigma attached to hooking up scientific studies have often proven that casual sex is not only okay it can actually be really good for you. Time and time again research is showing that casual sex is good for people mentally and physically. There are a number of apps out there like Lust hookup app that encourages causal sex and empower women to embrace their sexuality. It’s time the notion of marriage and sex was thrown out the window and the shame around a hook up be cast out. Here are our top 12 reasons casual sex is actually really good for you. We hope it will encourage you to get out there and get more of it. 


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1. Help your immune system

Swapping bodily fluids with a stranger might not seem like the best way to build your immune system but studies have often shown sex does just this. In fact, having a lot of sex has shown to boost immune systems so much that an increase in pregnancy has also been reported. By exposing our bodies to smaller amounts of many bacteria our bodies can begin to build immunities against more things. 


2. Improved sleep

Rolling over and falling asleep after sex is not just because your partner is being rude. There is a hormone, prolactin that is released which causes a feeling of being tired and relaxed. Masturbation can release this hormone as well and lead to an amazing night of sleep. 


3. Stress relief 

You often hear of people saying they workout to relieve stresswell sex can often do the same thing. Exercise releases serotonin and endorphins and research has shown that sex has the same effect. By being held, touched, and sexually active more and more of these hormones are released which leaves the body in a euphoric state. 


4. Help your heart 

This is one of the most important benefits of casual sex. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Americans. Sex has been proven to cut death from heart disease in half in men that have sex twice a week as opposed to those who did not.


5. Lessens pain

The pain-blocking effects of sex are some of the most powerfully naturally available. These same hormones have been proven to increase the pain threshold. These hormones are so powerful that women in the peak of labor pains have seen improvements from vaginal stimulation. 


6. Hit the gym less

Sex burns calories and all the while having fun. When having sex you might not even realize you’re actually working out. Depending on what moves you’re doing this number of calories can vary. Sex probably shouldn’t be the only exercise you get as on average men only burn about 100 calories but it’s better than nothing. 


7. Glow 

Ever gone to your local coffee shop after an amazing night of getting laid and had the barista comment on how great you look. Well, that is no coincidence. People that have more regular sex often have a more glowing complexion. Arousal can cause your skin to become flush. This paired with the happy hormones released and confidence boost sex could be the best beauty tool in your whole regimen. 


8. Mojo momentum 

If you don’t use it you lose it might be a bit of a stretch but there is something to say about being sexually dormant. When you don’t get laid for a long stretch of time it can be easy to lose your mojo. Socially you may become more of a hermit. People that are having casual sex often have to meet people to do this with. This forces you out into the world. As your casual sex game grows chances are your social life will as well. 


9. Confidence 

Confidence is one of the greatest gifts casual sex can give you. Nothing boost confidence like knowing someone out there had a super sexy night with you. Being naked with a stranger can be a little unnerving at first. Once you overcome all that and realize they find you super sexy it can be a huge boost. Enjoy casual sex and knowing you have plenty of suitors out there dying to be with you. This confidence carries over to the workplace, your self-esteem, and into all areas of your life.


10. Could lead to something more 

Now the idea of having strictly casual sex can seem like a solid plan. No commitment, no strings attached, no drama. As much as we like to believe that is exactly how it will go that is not always the case. Often when we are not looking at all love falls into our laps, literally. Casual sex could lead to you meeting someone that turns into a lot more. You might even find you have feelings for someone in a way you otherwise would not have considered. Set your boundaries but be aware that they might crumble for the right person. 


11. Good excuse to see a doctor 

With casual sex comes some trips to the doctor. Maybe it’s just to get tested or maybe you’re worried you’ve caught something. Either way, casual sex will have you in front of a medical professional more often. Getting in front of a doctor is always great as they might notice something worth exploring further. You might be in there to get tested and they notice a suspicious mole or symptoms of something else. Get checked often to put you and your partners’ minds at ease. 


12. Get Some free things 

This shouldn’t be the number one reason to have casual sex but it is a benefit that comes with the territory. When you’re sleeping with many people you’ll find you both often want to hook each other up. Maybe that means free drinks when you go into their bar or discounts in their store. Whatever plugs they have access to they’re going to be more inclined to share those with you if you’re having casual sex. 

With all these amazing reasons to get out there and have casual sex it’s hard to put it off. Lust makes it so easy to find the perfect person. Get out there and get looking, who knows what it could lead to.