A Guys Online Dating and Hookup Playbook

Guys this one’s for you. Creating the ultimate online dating profile makes all the difference in if you get matched or not. It might seem shallow but there are too many fish in the sea to wade through thousands of crappy profiles. As a guy knowing what makes a girl pause mid swipe is huge. Don’t waste your time on dating apps if you’re not going to put the effort in to make your profile great. No girl stops on a dirty mirror selfie and thinks this is the guy for me. So if you want to have a profile that pulls chicks and gets you hooking up look no further. This is the ultimate guide to online dating and hookups. Use our playbook and thank us later. 


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Create the ultimate profile 

The photo

The first thing that catches someones attention is your photo. On average a woman spends 84 seconds looking at a profile. That is not much time to make someone stop. Make sure your photo stops her in her tracks with these tips: 


1. Dogfishing

Dogfishing is the act of posing with a cute dog to get a girl to stop. There is no shame in this move and works even better if the dog is yours. If the dog is not yours mention something about how you have access to plenty of dogs. Something about a cute pup makes a girl melt. 


2. Baby bait

Like dogfishing using an adorable baby in your photo can make a girl pause big time. Even if they don’t want to admit it something biological happens when a girl sees a dude with a baby. Make sure to make it very clear the kid is not yours. Extra points for being a cool uncle to sweet kids. 


3. Ball out

Girls often want a guy that is successful. Have photos on a private plane? An international trip? A professional headshot? Use those pictures to make her think this is the life you live. Of course, she wants to be wined and dined so make her feel like you can make that happen. 


4. No group shots

A picture of you and your best friend might be okay if you know for damn sure you are the better-looking friend. Don’t put your profile in jeopardy by having her realize there are better-looking dudes around and you know all of them. Play it safe and keep your bros out of it.


Most dating apps let you upload multiple photos so make sure to do that. One picture makes your profile seem sketchy. Upload a variety of photos of you doing a variety of things. Make sure they are good quality photos and leave the mirror selfies out. If you’re still not sure have a girlfriend review it and take her feedback. 


The profile bio

The next most important thing on your profile is your bio. Too many guys crash and burn at this exact moment. Creating a bio lets her know much more about you and sets the stage for a match. With these tips your bio should be fire: 


1. Don’t leave it blank

Many guys choke when it comes to writing their bio. It can be awkward to talk about yourself. Instead of writing something they just leave it blank. Nothing says I couldn’t care less like a blank bio. In most cases, anything here is better than nothing. 


2. Simple bullet points do the trick

Mention the things that make you, you. By having a lot here you have a higher chance that she finds something in common. Mention where you grew up, what you do for work, and a few hobbies. This section doesn’t have to be overkill. 


3. Keep it light-hearted

Crack a joke here and there but if that doesn’t come naturally to you don’t force it. Girls love a guy that can make them laugh if you’re witty show it off.


4. Don’t list your deal breakers

Even if there are things you know would not want in a girl this is not the place to list them. Nothing says scorned lover like a tirade of demands. Even if shes not the girl of your dreams who knows she might be a good hook up. 


5. Give a call to action

Funny and sweet instructions can help a girl make the first move. Leave the ball in her court. Say something like, “Swipe yes if you like puppies, cocktails over candlelight, and have amazing taste in men.”


There are a variety of ways to make your profile a hit. Don’t overthink it but put a little effort in. If you are looking for a casual hookup mention that. Most girls are looking for happily ever after on a dating app so if you’re not about that life then let her know. Your honestly might be a real turn on and she might be on the exact same page. 


Hooking up

When it comes to turning your profile from one of dating into one of hooking up not many changes. You still want to put your best foot forward. Getting her to agree to go on a date is the hardest step. Once you’ve made it that far the rest is easy. Plan a date with hooking up in mind, for example: 


1. Have her meet at your place

This way at the end of the night you have to go back to your place to get her car. At the end of a great night with her already at your place inviting her in for a drink makes sense. 


2. Plan a date with drinks

We’re not saying get her drunk to get her laid. Alcohol can help you both loosen up a bit and help the conversation flow. A better connection before the night is done makes for a better chance of getting laid. 


3. Get your place ready

Don’t lay out candles and rose petals that’s not what we are saying. Clean your home and decorate nicely. Nothing ruins an almost home run like a gross place. Pick up after yourself and your hookup will go off without a hitch.  

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