A Woman’s Guide To Hooking Up On Lust

Women are constantly expected to be some sort of way. If a woman is too conservative she is dubbed a frigid bitch. If a woman is sexually open she is considered a slut. Walking the various lines in life that society has laid out for women is a constant battle. Lust is setting out to change that. Women should be whatever they want to be in whatever way makes them happy. Lust is creating a space for women to be selective about what they are looking for and not feel judged in any regard. Here is our guide to hooking up on Lust and feeling happy and confident along the way. 


Make your intentions clear

While women often can tell the signs that a guy has a bad dating profile it’s sometimes hard to tell when we do. Set up your profile to attract a partner with the qualities you are looking for. Think about what it is you are looking for and be honest with yourself. 

Sometimes society makes us think we have to make it seem like what we want is a relationship when that might not be the case. If that is what you are looking for that is perfectly fine but if not that is okay too. You can make your profile geared towards hooking up only if that what makes you happy. By making your intentions clear from the beginning you will save you and your potential partners a lot of heartaches. Feel free to say “No strings attached” or “looking for a relationship”. This will make your intentions clear from the start. 

Lust lets you filter by your intentions to make it easy for you to find someone looking for the same thing. Chose the setting that best describes what you are looking for and begin matching with someone on the same page. 


 A picture is worth s thousand words 

While men are out here Dogfishing, which if you aren’t aware of is using cute dogs in their profile pictures to get women to swipe yes, you need to care about the photo you use as well. 

Chose a photo that is representative of yourself. There is nothing worse than showing up to on a date and seeing someone completely different than the person you were talking to. If you want the date to go well we recommend using photos that look how you tend to look. Use your filters sparingly and use natural light whenever possible. 

Avoid group photos as they can take away from showcasing you and only you. Include photos of things that you are passionate about so that a potential match can learn about what makes you unique. 


Match with people in your area

If you’re really looking to hook up with someone ensuring they are local can make all the difference. Driving miles and miles to meet up with someone can really kill to vibe. By finding and matching with someone local you are much more likely to actually hookup. 

Use the geolocation feature to narrow down your matches to people in your area. The closer your matches are to you the easier it will be to meet up and continue to meet up. 


Stay safe

It’s easy to let your guard down when you have begun to build a report with someone you’ve been chatting with. Keeping your common sense will help you stay safe when meeting up with strangers. 

Let someone know where you are going and with whom. Tell a trusted friend what time you have a date, where and with whom. It sucks that women have to do this but safety comes first when it comes to online dating. Send a girlfriend his profile as well so they have something to reference if anything happens. 

Meet somewhere public. Always set up the first date in a public place. Choosing a crowded bar can help you have more allies than somewhere quiet and secluded. Use the time in public to look for clues that this person is who they have been claiming to be. Only leave to somewhere more private once you have gotten to know them better. We also recommend sharing your location on your smartphone with a friend. This way if you move locations your friends will still be able to see where you are. 


Be confident

Men love a confident woman. If being confident means wearing something special or doing a pre-date ritual do whatever you need to. By feeling confident you will feel better about hooking up with your date. 

Wear something you love. Sometimes a new date makes us want to wear something completely new. Make sure what you wear is comfy and makes you feel sexy. No one wants to be pulling down a dress all night or wearing heels that are killing your feet. Confidence comes from being totally comfortable to maybe test out an outfit before wearing it on a first date. 

We hope these tips help you feel good about hooking up on Lust. By making a profile that is truly representative of you and what you want you will find matches that align with your goals. By setting your location you’re sure to meet people in your own town which sets relationships up to be successful. When you put your safety first you can relax a little on your date by being reassured that others have your back in case it goes badly. And lastly, we hope your confidence shines through when wearing things you love and are truly feeling yourself. 

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