8 Crazy Sex Positions You Need to Try on Your Next Hookup

What’s the worst that could happen? The best part about casual sex dating you might not ever see them again. A casual sex partner or a one night stand offers you the chance to try something a little kinkier than usual. Make sure you’re ready the scenario right. If your partner seems very mellow maybe don’t pull out some of these moves. However, if your partner seems like a freak that might want things to get hot and wild we’ve got some moves for you. Try one or all of these 8 moves during your next hook up and it might lead to a lot more. 


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1. The Guest Vibrator 

Now, this is not exactly a position but this move can be used in conjunction with all the moves coming up so we think it’s important to open with. Keeping a guest vibrator in a drawer next to your bed is one of the hottest things you can pull out during a hookup. Make sure you keep your sex toys clean and put a condom on them as well. STI’s can be transferred through sex toys so keeping them clean is very important. The amazing part about pulling out a guest vibrator is that you are putting the orgasm into your partner’s hands, literally. Your partner knows how to get herself off better than you do. Use it on her and then let her go at it alone. You’ll be turned on seeing her use it and she’ll be turned on guaranteeing an orgasm. 


2. Bare Chair 

 Having sex in chairs is nothing that new or exciting but there are ways to kick it up a notch. Unleash your inner Stripclub fantasies with this move. Begin with the male sitting in a chair. Facing him lower yourself onto his dick. You might want to warm up in this position before you take it to the next level. Once you are nice and comfy and in rhythm have him support your back as you bring one leg onto one of his shoulders. He can help support your leg on his shoulder and use it to rock you back and forth. For a move advanced move to place both legs on his shoulders and let him ride you like that. 


3. Thai Massage 

Giving your partner a massage is a great way to heat up the night. Making sure you have a ton of massage techniques under your belt can really help. Something about being oily and naked just makes for a super hot situation. Now it to take this for hot foreplay to a crazy sex position you’re going to want to follow these steps. As your lady is laying face down covered in oil tease her holes. Get her soaking wet by grazing her mounds with your fingers as you massage her ass. You’ll notice her starting to raise her ass and welcoming you in. Get on top and straddle her from behind. You can place a pillow under her hips for deeper penetration. To take this move to the next level grab her by her wrists and pull up arching her back. Your dick with be grinding with G spot in no time. Make sure to lower her down to flat every so often to give the arch in her back a break. 


4. Wet Flamingo 

What is the flamingo and why is it wet? I am so glad you asked. In order to do this move, you’re going to need strong thighs and a shower for two. To begin this move you’re going to need to be in the shower together, soapy and lathered up. This doesn’t do anything for the move but bubbles are hot and soaping each other’s naked bodies is sexy. Both of you will face away from the shower nozzle with her in front. Bend her over and enter her from behind. Nothing too exciting, right? Wrong. Now grab one of her legs and bend it up holding her by the outside of her thigh. This will make the penetration even deeper. She can hold onto the wall, the sides of the bathtub, or a towel rail if your shower has any of those. Enjoy this move an make sure your little flamingo is wet in a few different ways. 


5. The Evil Queen 

Since you’re already in the bathroom doing the wet flamingo, you might as well make the most of it. This move is called The Evil Queen because you’ll learn who is the filthiest of them all. So to begin the woman will stand in front of the mirror, the male will then bend her over and enter her from behind. Watching yourselves go at it in the mirror will be a huge turn-on for both of you. You can incorporate a flamingo in this position as well to open up her pelvis and get really deep into her. So mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the dirtiest of them all? 


6. Roller Skate Date 

This is one of the wildest moves we have ever seen. This move is going to need a little bit of preparation but could be pretty hot none the less. For this move, the female is going to need roller skates. You heard right roller skates. While you’re at it lets just have her wear a whole roller skating fantasy outfit and throw in some high socks. While that is hot and all we are here for the sex position. This move might work on carpet but would work a lot better on tile or wood floors. Sit in a chair and have her get on you facing away. Put your hands on her hips and roller her backward and forward on your dick. By having her on skates you can roller her over your dick way faster than ever before and you’ll get a great view of her ass. While this karma sutra on a skateboard is hilarious karma sutra on skates could actually work. 


7. The Battering Ram 

There are a few ways you can do this move but you will need a prop. A long ottoman or a weight lifting bench is ideal for this move. Have your girl lay over the bench long ways. For an advanced version, you can tie her hand and ankles to the legs of it. From there it is pretty self-explanatory, ram away. You can use her shoulders to help balance yourself and then go at it. To make it even more pleasurable for her reach under her and rub her clit at the same time. 


8. Mutual Masturbation 

This position is great for so many reasons. When you are first hooking up with someone you might not know their sexual health or history. You can still have a hot night and protect yourself by masturbating together instead of sex dating. Masturbation is something we usually keep very private. Watching your partner do it is a huge turn on and you’re both going to cum. Pull out that guest vibrator and get to work. 

These out of the box positions and tips are great for your next hook up or to try in your current relationship. Always check in with your partner and make sure things feel great for both of you. Find someone adventurous to try these moves with on sex dating .