Is Casual Sex Better Than Married Sex? Read This Post

Sex is an important part of any relationship. Sometimes things can change in a major way once you get married. When you decide to marry it is for better or worse. Your sex life may be the better or worse that they’re talking about. Casual sex comes with its own set of complications. When it comes to the battle of the sex lives which really is better? Casual or married sex? 


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Why casual sex is better

Casual sex is great for a number of reasons. The no-strings can make it fun and exciting. Many people think casual sex is by far the way to go. You can have a different flavor every night, you don’t have to be caught up in someone else emotions, and you have your freedom. 

Having all the freedom you want is one of the number one reasons casual sex is better. No strings mean if you’re out on the town and see something you like you can make a move. You have the freedom to continue living your life and you don’t have to be caught up the codependency that comes with dating or marriage. 

You get sex on demand. Casual sex means you can call up a booty call whenever you want. Sex on demand is great because sometimes you just have an itch that needs to be scratched and casual sex gives you that. 

Sex for the sake of sex is hotter. A steamy hookup in a car, on a lunch break, or between meetings is sexy. When you’re having casual sex it’s your dirty little secret to keep with your partner. 


Casual sex does work for a lot of people and it can be extremely fulfilling. It comes with some obstacles but they can easily be overcome. 


Why married sex is better 

Married sex can often get a bad rap as being boring or monotonous. Sleeping with the same person day in and day out can get old, however, we think there are plenty of reasons married sex is great. 

Emotions and sex go hand in hand. Having real feelings of love for your partner can take sex to another level. When you truly have a bond with your partner they care about your well being. A married partner is committed to making sure you are having an amazing experience as well. 

Married people have more sex than single people! This might seem shocking but studies have shown that married people have more sex. In fact, 25% of married people reported having sex two-to-three times a week. When you have a partner lying next to you every night its easy to roll over for a quicky. Being married allows for more sex. 

Knowing your partner better can help you know what gets them off. Sometimes it takes a while for you to get in the groove with a partner. When you are married to someone you can spend the time getting to know their body and what makes them tick. You might feel more open to being vulnerable or trying new things.


Why married sex is worse 

Married sex can be worse for a number of reasons. In fact, a lot of marriages end because of a lack of sex life or the repetitive nature of being married. 

When you are married you have a lot more to focus on than just sex. Sex lives often struggle in marriage because all the issues are shared. Financial burdens, running a household and raising children are a huge responsibility that can be taxing on any relationship. 

Married sex can get extremely repetitive. The human imagination can only go so far. If both partners aren’t both looking to actively spice up the sex it can get stale very fast. The same moves with the same person over and over again can get old super fast. 

When you’re married your eye is not allowed to wonder. Unless you have made a very special agreement with your partner chances are marriage means monogamy. By being in a monogamous relationship you have to be committed to sleeping with one body for the rest of your life. That is a huge undertaking that is scary to a lot of people. 


Why casual sex is worse

Cause sex comes with its own set of challenges. As much as everyone likes to belive no strings will mean just that often that is not the case. Inevitably one partner catches feelings and some drama unravels. 

Casual sex can be harmful to your health. As you have more and more partners you are opening yourself up to STI’s. People in friends with benefits situations can find themselves with a variety of infections or diseases. Not to say married couples won’t as well but people engaging in lots of sex with lots of people have a higher chance. 


Final findings 

There are a number of pros and cons to married and casual sex. If it was up to us we would choose casual sex every time. Casual sex lets you have your freedom and all the best parts of marriage with none of the bad. Despite a few bad things that can come along with casual sex if you set casual sex boundaries and manage your health you can avoid many of them. Casual sex lets you experiment and keep your love life spicy while remaining open to finding someone new. Lust is one of the best places to find others looking for casual sex. Sign up and get started today.