Here is How to Flirt with a Girl [Guide]

We’ve all been in that situation before– you’re talking to a pretty girl on the Lust app and you have no idea what steps to take to let her know that you want to be more than just friends. If this has ever happened to you, it can’t hurt to learn how to flirt with a girl. It’s totally normal to be a little intimidated by the idea of flirting with a cute girl, but it’s really not that complicated.

Remember that cheesy rom-com where the guy and girl are hitting it off and the guy is so effortlessly charming that she has no choice but to give him her number? Well, that guy can be you. Learning some easy tricks to up your flirting game can really increase your rate of success with women. Read on to learn all about the basics of flirting and exactly how to flirt with a girl.


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The Basics of Flirting

We’ve made it easy for you by breaking down the basics on how to flirt with three easy steps. Just remember: initiate chemistry, show your interest, then make your move. If you’re nervous about trying these out in person, we recommend practicing all of these tips out on a dating app.

There are a lot of ways to complete these steps so keep reading to find out the basics on how to flirt with women.


1. Initiate the chemistry:

Once you have met a girl using a dating app, or online classified alternative, Initiating chemistry is the first step you’ll want to take when you’re learning how to flirt with a girl. There are a few routes you can take with this or you can combine all of these tips for the most success.

Appeal to her sense of humor: A lot of girls only start feeling attracted to a guy after she’s comfortable with him. One of the best ways to help a girl let her guard down is to get her to laugh. If she thinks you’re funny, she’s going to think of you fondly, which is a win for you. Figure out what makes her giggle and take it from there. Laughing together will show her that there’s potential for a strong connection.

Playful teasing: A little playful teasing is a tried and true method for establishing chemistry. Think back to the days in the schoolyard when you used to pull sally’s pigtails because you had a crush on her. Well, it turns out girls still like this (don’t actually pull any pigtails) and it’s a great way to get some chemistry going. Just remember to keep it playful and don’t give her too hard of a time.

Use your conversational skills: Nobody likes boring small talk. Work on improving your conversation skills and you’ll be ahead of the game. Girls love guys who can hold an interesting conversation. If being the funny guy isn’t your thing, then this is the best route for you to take to establish chemistry.

Make eye contact without being creepy: Eye contact is one of the best ways to generate chemistry, however, it’s important to make sure you don’t creep her out in the early stages. To do this successfully, just make sure you’re meeting her eyes during the conversation but don’t hold eye contact for too long. This will show her that you have confidence in yourself and that you care about what she has to say.


2. Show her that you’re interested:

After you’ve established some chemistry between yourself and the girl at hand, you have to make sure she knows your interested in her. This is a key aspect of flirting and there are many ways to go about it.

Tell her what you like about her: Everyone likes hearing nice things about themselves, and women are no different. Paying a few compliments to the girl your interested in will not only flatter her but also let her know that you are interested in something more. Complimenting her smile or her eyes is a smart way to go. You get bonus points for noticing a new hairstyle. Stay away from complimenting her body until you know for sure she’s interested in you as well.

Use texting to your advantage: Text flirting can be your greatest tool when learning how to flirt with a girl. Sometimes trying to flirt in person can be intimidating, but you can easily show your interest through a text conversation.

Sending a girl a ‘good morning beautiful,’ text is a clear message that you are interested in pursuing her. You can also send a ‘good night’ text to get the message across. If you are too shy to flirt in person right away, sending a flirting text is a solid move. Don’t forget to include emojis in your texts. Emoji’s will made flirting over text way easier for you.

Use social media: Like texting, social media is a low pressure and convenient way to show your interest when you want to flirt with a girl. The most straightforward way to flirt with a girl on social media is to like her pictures. Liking her pictures shows her that you like what you see. While liking her pictures is a good start, you’ll probably want to do more to really get the point across.

If you want to really get your flirt on, you should comment on her photos. You can keep it simple and leave a few fire emojis on her picture or you can think of a clever comment to leave. Either way, this is an easy way to make your intentions clear.

If you’re want to step your game up, you should slide in her DM. If you don’t already know, DM stands for direct message. You can send her a DM so that only you and her can see the message. You can send a more obviously flirty message to her this way to make your message loud and clear.

Take a tip from a gentleman: If all else fails, remember that chivalry is not dead. Women are suckers for romantic gestures so it can’t hurt to throw a few in when you’re learning how to flirt with a girl. A classic move is offering her your jacket if she looks cold. Some girls are too polite to tell you they’re cold, but if you notice she’s shivering or rubbing her arms, take your cue. She’ll love that you were nice enough to think of her.

Another gentlemanly way of flirting is opening a door for her and letting her enter first. You can also open her car door for her if you’re feeling extra fancy, and she’ll definitely be impressed.

Buy her a drink or food: Whoever said that food is the way to a man’s heart had clearly never met a woman. If you want to get some easy bonus points while showing her you’re interested in her, all you have to do is offer to pay for her meal. It’s really that simple.

Another super easy way to flirt with a girl is to buy her a drink. This gives you an excuse to talk while you sip your drinks. If you’re already out at a bar or club and you’re with someone you’re attracted to, just ask her if you can buy her next drink. That’s a clear sign to her that you’re interested.


3. Make your final move:

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully established chemistry and made your intentions clear. That means it’s time to make your final move. You’ve been flirting with this girl all night and now it’s time to take it to the next step. That usually means getting some contact information so that you can see each other again. It’s not as hard as it sounds, we promise. Here’s how to ask her out:

Use body language: We’ve talked about it before, but eye contact will really come in handy for this final step. Now that you two are clearly interested in each other, you can start to hold eye contact for a little longer. If the conversation lulls, and she’s still holding eye contact with you, that’s a great sign and shows that there’s some serious chemistry between you guys.

You can also close the gap between you and the girl a bit, once it’s clear she’s into you. Moving in a little closer creates a level of intimacy that will take it to the next level. Don’t overcrowd her, but stand close enough that you don’t have to shout to hear each other if you’re in a loud place.

Another thing to remember when it comes to body language is your posture. Keeping a confident posture generally makes you more attractive during the entire interaction.

Use subtle touch: Once you guys are really vibing with each other, you can use subtle touch to take the flirting up a notch. If you’re wondering exactly how to do that, you can start by just gently touching her shoulder when you lean in to hear what she’s saying. Or you can place your hand on her mid-back to guide her through a doorway as you hold the door. These are simple, easy steps that you can do when you’re learning how to flirt.

Another option is a simple kiss on the cheek. This step is reserved for when you’re really feeling the connection with this girl. You don’t want to rush this move, but if the timing is right, it can show her that you’re confident and interested.

Ask her out: If all of these tips have gone successfully for you, then you should be feeling pretty confident by now and asking for her number will be no problem. This doesn’t have to come across as creepy, just ask her if she’d like to exchange numbers so that you can take her out.

You can also ask her for her social media for a more low key way to contact her. Some women are more comfortable giving their social media to guy rather than her phone number. You can ask for her social media, such as Instagram, in the same way that you’d ask for her phone number.


Final Thoughts

If you didn’t feel comfortable flirting with women before, you should feel a little better about it now. All you have to do is practice these basics on how to flirt and you’ll be a pro in no time. Remember, the first thing you want to do is initiate the chemistry with the girl you’re talking to. Next, show her you’re interested in her with some of the tips we’ve provided. Finally, all you have to do is make your final move and ask her out. Good luck out there!

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