5 Ways to Have Safe Sex

With most sexually transmitted diseases being downgraded to sexually transmitted infections these days we have a lot less to worry about when it comes to sexual health. While amazing strides have been made in curing and treating STI’s there are still a lot of unpleasantries that come along with getting them. From painful burning and rashes to some that can leave you sterile avoiding STI’s all together can prevent a whole lot of discomfort and embarrassment. We want you to have as much enjoyable sex as possible. 


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Being safe about sex is often a turn on to your partner. If you are newly hookup with someone and they see you practicing safe sex they might be more confident in that you practice safe sex with others. Not having to worry about catching something during the deed can relieve a lot of stress and anxiety and put both your minds at ease.

Below we’ve compiled our top 5 tips for having safe sex. We hope that you can use these to keep your casual sex streak going or keep your body happy and healthy. If you’re thinking about hooking up with anyone these are some serious things to consider. 


1. Get tested

One of the easiest things you can do for yourself and your partner is get tested. There are so many options when it comes to getting tested. Going into your doctor, dropping into a Planned Parenthood, or doing your STI testing from your home are all options these days.

By knowing your status you can treat symptoms, prevent spreading and keep anything you may have from getting worse.  Nothing ruins a hookup like getting a call a few days later about a certain rash. If you get tested often and it turns up positive their is medication or practices you can do to keep what you have to yourself. Being correctly medicated and diagnosed can make STI’s manageable and keep your partner from contracting anything

Planned Parenthood is a great resource for testing. If you have medical insurance or not they can help get you tested, often for free. This resource is not only for women. Men are welcome to get tested here as well. Grab a buddy and go get tested. Knowing you don’t have something or knowing that if you do it is being managed will help you get into sex without that concern on your mind. 


2. Condoms… but make it sexy

You might be thinking condoms is the most obvious way to have safe sex, and it is, but condoms often get a bad rap. Many men will say they don’t want to wear them because it doesn’t feel good. Well, gentlemen welcome to the 21st century. There are so many condom options today, from flavored to ribbed to ultra-thin the options are limitless when it comes to condoms. Lambskin condoms are amazing and known to be extremely thin and an option for latex allergies. 

Knowing that by simply wearing a condom you are preventing pregnancy by 95% you can rest easy. There is nothing sexy about a 5 am run around town trying to find Plan B. Protect yourself and your partner with a condom and enjoy as many hookups as you want. 

Worried that bringing up the condom talk will ruin the mood? Don’t be. Knowing that your partner practices safe sex helps both of you relax. Both of you will know that you’re less likely to have something as a result. Bringing up a condom in a fun and sexy way can make the mood even hotter. As a woman, start in a 69 position, get him hard with your mouth, and then slip it on while you’re down there. It’s hard to say anything when its already on and put on in a sexy way. 


3. Don’t be too drunk

Even though most random hookups happen drunk this move could be what’s putting your sex life in danger. When you are intoxicated a lot of inhibition goes out the door. When you’re drunk and in the throw of things it can be hard to remember to use protection. By not being too wasted you’ll remember to do all the best practices to keep yourself safe. 

Sometimes when you are drunk you hook up with people that you otherwise wouldn’t. Sober you might not hook up with someone that you know gets around. Once you’re too drunk your judgment might be off. Better to have a few drinks and not get totally wasted to make sure you’re having safe sex. 


4. The no sex, sex

Sex isn’t always the sexiest way to be intimate. Things can get kinky and wild without sexual intercourse at all. Taking sex off the table actually opens you up to a ton of hot sexual experiences that sometimes get bypassed in the rush for sex. There are so many alternatives for sex that you won’t even feel like you’re missing out on anything. 

Try massages to set the mood. Massages are a great way to be naked with your partner without actually having intercourse. Let the massages get things hot and heavy and when you think things would progress to sex try mutual masturbation. Masturbating is something that is often so private that to see someone do it in front of you is super sexy. Trying alternatives to sex can not only keep you safe but keep things super interesting. 


5. Pregnancy proof

Safe sex does not just mean being safe from STD’s or STI’s. Keeping yourself or a partner safe from pregnancy is extremely important as well. There are many things a man or woman can do to both help the chances of an unwanted pregnancy. 

As a woman know that sometimes contraception fails. By having multiple forms of birth control going you can protect yourself in a better way. Condoms can fail and often do. Keep a supply of Plan B in your cabinet just in case. The sooner you ingest it the more effective it is. 

As a male, don’t give your partner a hard time about condoms. Preventing pregnancy is just as much your responsibility as it is hers. Do your part, wear a condom, pull out if you want to be extra cautious. Knowing that you’ve done everything you can to prevent a pregnancy is a huge weight off both of your shoulders. 

With this information, we hope that you are able to better prevent and manage sexually transmitted infections. Take some of the worries out of casual hookups by knowing you are doing all the right things when it comes to having safe sex. 

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