How Online Dating Is Shaping Our Lives

In 1994 became the first online dating website, but now, there are hundreds of websites and apps like JoinLust that allow people to find sex dates online. It’s hard to believe that there was ever a time before online datings. Imagine going on a blind date. You’ve never seen this person, you don’t know their height, job, hobbies, or life story. A blind date seems entirely terrifying in today’s day and age. Googling someone before a date is common practice and by the time you’ve gone through their social media, LinkedIn, and dating profile you can pretty much guess if there is compatibility or not. 

Online dating is shaping our lives in more ways than we could ever imagine. Are relationships lasting longer? Are people going on more dates? Are people getting married more or less? Online dating has turned the whole notion of love on its head and we wanted to explore how it is shaping our lives today and dispell a few myths along the way


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It’s the only way people meet

You may think that online dating is the only way people meet these days. This can not be further from the truth. The long-lasting legacy of “we met through a friend” still holds up today as the number one way couples meet. While meeting online is booming and becoming more and more commonplace many people still find their friends know best. Online dating algorithms attempt to match you with people they think you will hit it off with. Friends have been doing this for years. 


Do online relationships last longer? 

In a recent study by Eharmony, relationships that begin online are more satisfying and longer-lasting than those that did not. This makes sense, as you are exposed to more people you are more likely to find someone compatible. By expanding your dating pool through online dating you can be more selective in the person you want to be with. This leads to people finding their true soul mates, relationships lasting longer, and an increase in overall satisfaction. 


Are more people are getting married?

There is evidence that suggests the growth in online dating is leading to more marriages lasting. Of the couples getting married research shows they more diverse than ever. Marriages on a whole are declining but that may be a result of women becoming more autonomous than ever. Women are waiting longer and longer to get married or opting for lives raising children alone. The key take away is that people that meet online are having longer-lasting marriages. 


The stigma is going away

When online dating first began there was a huge stigma around it. Many people thought only desperate people jumped online to find love. Swiping for a soulmate has since become greatly adopted. More and more people know someone that met their partner online. There is no arguing with the success stories around online dating. All research shows there is no slowing down in online dating. More and more apps and sites are popping up daily and soon it might move to the number one way people meet. 


We are becoming less forgiving

As we swipe and swipe aimlessly through profiles we are becoming pickier. In the past, you might meet someone, get to know them, and then find out a few things you don’t like about them. At this point, you might already have feelings and be okay with overlooking minor things. Online dating is changing that. People are being overlooked for minor things like spelling errors or bad profiles. With thousands of dating options, there is very little room for tolerance. We are objectifying profiles and not always seeing them as real humans. 


Hooking up is now a culture

Society is trending towards being more sexually adventurous than ever. Online dating has turned hooking up into its own culture. Humans are pulling away from religion, marriage, and conservativeness. Online dating has made people more promiscuous than ever and that is perfectly okay. Saving yourself for marriage is out the window and more people are enjoying casual sex than ever. We can thank online dating for making casual sex easier to access than ever before. Lust has been at the forefront of dating sites that make casual sex simple and easy. 


Kink shame is no more

Let your freak flag fly! Online dating has opened the flood gates for every fetish, kink, or coupling. In the past, people used to go to the dark corners of the internet to find people into their same taboos. Nowadays people are publicly declaring what they’re into and building entire communities around them. Websites and apps for these communities are available right in our very hands. Stigmas around kinks are beginning to lessen and as is the shame surrounding them. These communities are helping people feel less isolated and alone in their kinks. 

The impact of online dating on our everyday lives is growing all the time. While some may argue that there are significant negatives as a result of online dating there is an astonishing amount of positives. Online dating is becoming entirely ingrained into society today and pivotal in how relationships form. Here at Lust, we are thrilled to see how this industry is taking off and how relationships are becoming more fulfilling than ever. We hope that online dating helps people be honest about what they are looking for and find others looking for the same thing. 


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